September 2015

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Click Bait & Ads Rant

Click Bait & Ads Rant

I really hate the phrase “click bait”, though not as much as click bait itself. There are a few kinds… more

September 22nd, 2015


Happy Voter Registration Day!



Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts, but I rarely ever make it. The Italian ladyfinger cookies, mascarpone cheese, and… more

Aloha Soy Sauce

Aloha Soy Sauce

I’ve tasted a lot of soy sauces and my firm favorite is Aloha brand soy sauce. My preference is the lower… more

September 11th, 2015


Happy Birthday Mom!

September 7th, 2015

Film Line Match'em Up

Film Line Match’em Up

So, last time I posted a list of my 12 favorite films of all time, then I made up this… more