I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. I lived most of my life in Northern California before moving to the UK for 12 years. I’ve now settled back into my native California where most of my family still lives, including my son and grandchild. I am very happily married to a Brit and we have two ridiculous cats named Chance & Teddi. I enjoy computers, most things nerdy as well as cooking, crafts, impressionist art, films, music and Sci-Fi shows/films.

I use this website to express myself. I like to share and I hope that people who visit my site will like the things that I am sharing.

I’m not a professional chef, cook, writer, scientist, healthcare provider or researcher. 100% of what I publish on this site is my personal beliefs and opinions. If you don’t agree with something I’ve said or think, please feel free to use the comment sections under my posts BUT understand that this is my site, I consider it my own personal playground and no bullies (except me) are allowed.

The opinions about products/places/people/films/shows/music/food are also 100% mine. No one pays me to say something is good or bad. I just have things I like or dislike, and I like to share my opinions and experience. So, if you see that I think Oreos are great, then I think Oreos are great. By the way, if anyone from Nabisco wants to send me something because I said nice things about their product, I think a brand new Japanese car makes the best gift wrap for cookies.

The recipes on this site are my concoctions unless otherwise stated, the photography on this site is mine unless it does not have my © on it, and the people are my friends and family unless I don’t know them… then they are strangers.

I like cake.