Blogiversary / Birthday Post


Three years now! Time sure does fly when you’re not paying attention to how fast the time is flying by. It does seem like I’ve been doing this longer. I guess it’s mostly because I have? In my head, even after three years, I still can’t leave my old blog out of the equation. For me, it’s really been 5 years since I started blogging but this site is only 3 years old. So 3 year old site, 5 years blogging and I’m still on the safe side of not 50. So there is definitely plenty to celebrate today!

I’m going out for dinner and coming home to a big fat slice of chocolate cake and a side of vanilla ice cream. Chocolate is my favorite cake flavor and vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor and also my favorite Warcraft flavor. Though I quit playing a few months back… ah nostalgia, it’s not what it used to be.

Anyhow… Normally after a few years I start getting the urge to change the face of my sites, but this year I’m going to leave it alone. Maybe next year I’ll try a new look, but for now I do have something new I’ll be adding to this blog at the beginning of May, as well as a brand new site that I’ll talk about more later this year.

So a toast to this past year, old websites, me being a year older (but still not 50) and looking forward to another great year!