Carrot Party Favor Craft (Video)

Carrot Party Favors

These are super easy and cheap to make. Plus, they are a fun way to give out treats without having to use the same old plastic eggs. I just put all mine in a basket and handed them out at a family get-together. I like to think of fun things like this, even if it’s just a small family gathering. Although I confess I’m not the first person to “invent” this. I thought I was, then I Googled it and saw pictures of other people’s paper carrots. I don’t know who the original creator is (since it isn’t me), but, I put mine together while filming and I’m sharing it here with you. You think maybe someday someone will Google paper carrot, and they’ll see my paper carrots? I certainly hope so! It would be a shame to let all this paper carrot goodness go undiscovered.