Sunflower Bird Feeder

Sunflower Bird Feeder

I find the 99ยข Only store is a great place to wander around, buy $10 worth of stuff and go… more

Alex & her police box bird feeder

Police Box Bird Feeder

Are you a Whovian? Have you been watching for 50 years or just since the revival? Which Doctor is the… more

T-shirt Brining B.S.

T-shirt Brining B.S.

I often find things online that I put aside for later, you know… tips and tricks and stuff. I kept… more

Alex's Herb Garden

Alex’s Herb Garden

This was an easy and fun little project that I did with my granddaughter Alex. It cost around $10, not… more

Sock Doll

Crazy Sock Dolls

I used THIS tutorial to make some sock dolls. Even though the instructions were in a language I can’t read,… more