Crazy Sock Dolls

Sock Doll 1

Smiley the Sock Doll

I used THIS tutorial to make some sock dolls. Even though the instructions were in a language I can’t read, the pictures were pretty easy to understand. I bought a set of 3 inexpensive ankle socks and gave it my best go.

My first doll was too horrible to post pictures of. I didn’t even bother with button eyes I just used a permanent marker to make the face and gave it to my granddaughter. She declared it “to scary” and I don’t blame her!

My second attempt (pics) didn’t really turn out much better but at least it was somewhat better. Unlike the tutorial my dolls had no real body. It could be the socks I used or maybe there is a trick to stuffing them? Plus I couldn’t seem to get the neck right and I didn’t think that the end result had much personality so I added some yarn embellishments. I gave this doll to my granddaughter and she said she loved it. She calls the two dolls “Smiley and the scary one”.

My best guess is that with a lot of practice I could get better making these, but to be perfectly honest I’ve lost interest so I haven’t made a third attempt with that last pair of ankle socks I have left. I’ll probably just wear them or use them for something else… though I have seen some other sock and even glove doll tutorials which I think I will try.

 Sock Doll 2