Curry Junkie

My first experience at an Indian restaurant was a really wonderful one. It was a very tiny family owned business and the people were so wonderful, I fell in love with it and cuisine. It’s all I wanted to eat for months afterwards, but the restaurant was only open a few hours a night for dinner and I only ate there once or twice a week so I tried as many different dishes as I could and I started buying cookbooks and asking people about recipes. I got really into it, even making my own flat breads and curry pastes. I could not get enough of it. It got so bad I was sneaking canned curries as snacks and keeping a stash of onion bhajisĀ in the fridge so I could stuff one in my mouth when I went to “get a drink”. Yes, I was a curry junkie!

I calmed down and started eating a reasonable amount of Indian food, though the curry cravings have never ended. Once I moved back to the US it go really hard to just order a take out from an Indian restaurant as they are extremely expensive, if you can even find one. It’s pretty much homemade or none these days and it is taking me some time to find ingredients but there are several I make that I really enjoy. Nothing like the little restaurant in England but I doubt any Indian food I’ll ever have will be as good as that.

Oh, and speaking of English and curry…

Tim Curry

Tim Curry in National Lampoons “Loaded Weapon” as “Wilderness Girl”.