Damn It’s Hot!

ThermometerBy plunking me in the other extreme it’s like life has decided to make up for 12 years of 2 week summers, extra long winters with near constant below freezing temperatures, snow, frost and enough rain to never EVER have to water an outdoor plant or lawn. Vegas is definitely hot enough to balance that out!

It is so hot, if we want to go any place it is now a series of air-conditioned building to air-conditioned car to other air-conditioned building and back type trips. It is all beautiful blue skies flecked with the occasional fluffy white cloud but still we rarely spend any time outside. Though I have not been through a complete year here and have been told that the winters are very very cold, I’m guessing they are no colder than England. I moved here in the Spring (which felt a lot more like Summer) so I guess I’ll have to wait and see if I really will need all those Winter clothes I brought over with me from the UK!


With the weather being what it is, cooking anything for a long time in the oven seems like a silly thing to do, especially since I generally have to turn on the air-conditioning just to cook something on the stove. It does limit the choices I make based on so many years of cooking in a predominantly cold climate. I have to start thinking about BBQs and salads and slow cooker foods to acclimate to my new environment, well until Winter anyway.