Halloween Candy Bands


I buy “fun size” candy bars for Halloween. Though I disagree that they are fun size, surely the biggest candy bar versions are the fun sized? Anywho, to dress them up a little I make them these fast easy bands. I especially like them on the Twix bars, but they work on most any “fun sized” size candy.


I’ve created a PDF File you can download. There are nine to a sheet and three different top decorations. You’ll need scissors and tape as well as the printout.



  1. Print the file, cut off the excess and then cut out the bands along the white lines.
  2. Wrap them around your candy, and secure with tape.  That’s it!


  • The bands may not reach all the way around every type of candy, for instance, the large Halloween KitKat.  For that, I just pulled it around as far as it would go. This left a tiny gap, I simply taped it across the gap.
  • You could also use the printout for Halloween parties, to secure napkins or plastic cutlery. You could also use them as tags by not folding them and writing on the back.