Homemade Mancala Game Craft


Do you ever play games at your family gatherings? I think it’s a lot more fun then vegging out in front of the TV!

Mancala is a very old game. It’s easy to learn and it’s fun to play. The only “age” requirement is that you can count, and be trusted not to eat any of the game. Of course, at least one person must be able to read to explain how it’s played.

Below I’ve included a PDF file with instructions on how to play. To make the game you’ll need an egg carton, 40 beans or similar┬ásmall items. We printed out the instructions, cut them down to fit, punched a hole in the corner and tied a bit of ribbon on it for decoration. My granddaughter also painted each well of the egg carton, but this is totally optional.

Download Mancala File