Mark Montano Inspired Bracelet Craft


This fun and easy bracelet craft project was inspired by a person’s Youtube channel I subscribed to not to long ago. The man’s name is Mark Montano and he does some really fun and creative craft project video tutorials. He has also published a book of craft projects, I have not read it yet but I plan to get a copy. To check out what and who I am talking about, visit and be sure to click on his Facebook & Youtube links.

On Mark’s Youtube channel there are two bangle bracelet tutorial videos in particular that I liked, so I combined what I liked best about each of them into cross version of the two. Below is a photo guide to what I used and how I put it together.


I used…

  • liquid fusion glue
  • scotch tape
  • clothes pin (not pictured)
  • a zip tie
  • a 1/2″x 24″ strip of fabric
  • some 26 gage silver beading wire
  • embroidery thread
  • plastic pearl string beads
  • ruler (not pictured)
  • scissors
  • wire cutters


To get the right size, measure by wrapping the zip tie around your hand, note the size and add 2 inches. I wasn’t making this one for myself so I ended up making it smaller than I show in this picture.


Measure the ties length & note it. Then, overlap the end of the tie by half an inch.


Secure with scotch tape.


Add a line of glue half on the tape and half on the tie.


Start rolling the fabric around the tie, beginning on the glue you just applied.


Keep wrapping and overlapping the fabric by half it’s width, until you’ve wrapped the whole tie.


Once completely wrapped, glue down the excess but don’t trim it yet.


Secure the glued end with a clothespin and leave to dry for a few minutes.


Meanwhile, measure out the bead string, thread and wire, using the note of the length you made before taping the ends together…

  • bead string = a few inches longer than the bangle
  • thread = 5 x the length of the bangle
  • wire = 5 x the length of the bangle


Once the glue is set, trim off the excess cloth and any long pieces of frayed threads from the cloth… I like to leave some short frayed threads, I think it looks “shabby chic”.


Tie down the bead string with the thread, skipping the first bead. Secure with a double knot and leave the excess (for now).


Wrap the thread around the bead string, skipping ever other bead. When you get to the second to the last bead, tie a double knot and leave the excess.


You should have something that looks like this.


Now start the bead wire on the the first bead (the first one that you skipped with the thread) and wrap it around several times. Then start wrapping the wire around every bead and do not skip any.


When you get to the end, wrap the wire around the last loose bead, two or three times. Then tie the two ends of the thread together.


Pull the knot from the string into a gap of the bead string and then trim off the excess.


Wrap the two ends of the wire together and twist them tight, like securing a twist tie. Then trim off the excess wire and tuck the end into the thread knot.


Soak the knotted thread with glue and leave until completely dried.


Tada! Cute little bangle bracelet!


The bracelet was to small for me to put on, but I’ll get a picture of my granddaughter wearing it next time she visits and I will post the picture to my Instagram.