My Patio Garden in August

My Patio Garden in August - Left Side

I’ve not been feeling great the last few weeks and though I haven’t neglected to water my little patio garden, I have neglected it a bit. Since I’ve started feeling better I’m planning to get out there and fix whats gone wild…

My mint plant that was so strong seems to have been decimated by something, possibly snails or slugs (despite the ton of slug and snail stuff I put out to stop them) and apparently some┬ábaby pigeons have decided to live in the now overgrown cut down tree. I’ve still not gotten around to making up the green hangers and all the plants are either loving or hating this hot humid August.

Next month will mark the beginning of Autumn/Fall and hopefully I’ll have gotten my patio garden in order by then!

My Patio Garden in August - Right Side