My Patio Garden in December

Dec Garden 01

I’d say that the desperate looking bird bath surrounded by dead leaves, my toppled colored bottle solar light holder and the dead plant on the right sum up the first day of Winter in my patio garden. The big tree above is losing leaves at such a rate that i’d have to clean them up several times a day to keep the patio clear of them. A lot of the plants are going dormant and most of the seasonal plants have finally died, but not all of them.

Dec Garden 02 Dec Garden 03 Dec Garden 04

For some reason, one lone tomato refuses to give up, along with one peek-a-boo pepper I didn’t even know was out there until I went to take pictures. My sage plant looks a bit scraggly but not like it’s dying yet. My chive & dill plants (not pictured) are in about the same shape as the sage.

Dec Garden 07 Dec Garden 06 Dec Garden 05

But it’s not all plants that are just hanging on. Several things look healthier than they have most of the summer or still have nice blooms on them. The garden is a mish mash of pretty and horrible.

Dec Garden 09

And Chance’s tree still looks like it prefers the outdoor life… but it might not like winter in January. I suppose I’ll need to sort something out for it before it gets frosty out there.