My Patio Garden in May

Our Patio GardenThe little apartment we rented in April came with a small 10’x12′ patio. It’s basically a small edging of dirt around some concrete…

I never thought to take any pictures of the patio area when we moved in, I’m kind of sorry about that now as it’s changed a whole lot. Plus I never thought about taking pictures as I went along which I could kick myself for but better late than never!

When we very first moved in there was two very tall but thin trees on either side, a rose bush that was a bit out of control and a low to the ground shrub of some sort. We didn’t find out until after we moved in that the management company pretty much demanded that the trees be cut down because they were touching the balcony of the apartment above us. They (the management company) were waiting until the elderly couple that lived in the apartment before us (for like 20 years!) moved out so it would not be traumatizing for them, but they didn’t do it before we moved in so we thought the trees would be staying.

I liked the trees, but they had to go and with them went the more private feeling and shadiness that the patio had. However, it did mean that I was able to do more with the space in terms of types of plants and how well they would grow with how much more light there is with out the trees.

I cut back the rosebush and the little shrub, then I went to work turning the dirt and working in some new soil and then a top soil. I found various buried “treasures” left by the former occupants. Mostly trays, bowls and plates to keep weeds or anything else growing up around their potted plants.

Our Patio Garden Our Patio Garden Our Patio Garden 
So far I’ve got herbs and various flowers growing from bought plants and a few hanging baskets that I put together. I’m going to plant sunflowers and some forget me nots on the left side where there is the longest sun exposure and I’ve planted various colorful flowers and plants from seeds into long box planters that I nailed to the fence.

Our Patio Garden  
I’ve always liked the way plants look hanging off a fence and I like to use unusual things as planters. Which is a good thing considering plant pots are priced like they are made of something other then plastic or clay. I mean seriously, $5 for a small terracotta plant pot? I got mine at the 99c store but still, they are outgrowing them fast and I’m never going to pay the ridiculous prices they want for bigger pots so I’ve got myself some dollar store plastic tubs.

Our Patio Garden Our Patio Garden Our Patio Garden  
My granddaughter made me a butterfly sun-catcher that goes perfectly with my “oh that’s pretty, stick it in the garden” theme and I love my little blue ceramic birdbath that so far no birds seem interested in.