My Patio Garden in October


So I finally got around to sorting out the patio…

I took down all the pretties and stored them away fro next Spring. I think some of them would not look so good after the winter so better safe then sorry.

Garden Left

Most of the seasonal plants have died or are on their way. My herbs are not looking so good either, they seem to grow and die off in fits and spurts. The sage is my original sage from last year and it still looks good so I’m hoping if it does “die” it will come back next year.

Garden Right

A few of the perennials still look good and are even flourishing now that the weather is not as hot. My little tree is very happy now and looking nearly as full as when I got him, but I don’t think he’ll like any truly cold weather so I’ll have to sort something out for him but I’ll┬ájust see how he does for now.

Oct Garden Flowers

I doubt much will change by November but I’ll still post about it!