My Spice Rack


My spice rack isn’t technically a spice rack. It’s more like little spice shelves. Before we left England I had a store bought spice rack that held 28 standard size spice jars, but I also had a great big box of spices sitting next to the stove. I never seem to have enough room for herbs & spices! Knowing we were going to move into a small apartment I was determined to find or make something functional but attractive so I could have them out so I wouldn’t have to dig through a dark cupboard full of spice jars every time I wanted to make something..

I found some little apothecary jars at World Market. Since we buy a lot off stuff off them to keep my and my husbands British food/drink cravings in check, so I joined their club and got a big discount coupon. Not that they are expensive at less than 1$ each, but I wanted 36 of them!

For the shelves, I got a piece of primed white 4″ deep door jamb molding at the hardware store. It cost about $15 and they cut it for me for free. The primer was nicely done and it saved me from buying paint or having to paint it myself. In this instance I definitely was happy about not having to do any painting or cutting!

I bought 3 sets of 3″ corner brackets, which are not typically used for shelving braces but in this instance they worked perfectly. Each set was $1.50 and only came in an unfinished metal with two screws for each bracket. I had to spray paint them white, but but I already had a can of white primer and it matched up perfectly.

It took me about 20 minutes to get the shelves up and arrange the spice jars. The total cost, not including the herbs & spices or the paint was $60, BUT I had a $20 off coupon so I only actually paid $40. That is pretty good considering what most large spice racks cost.