T-shirt Brining B.S.

I often find things online that I put aside for later, you know… tips and tricks and stuff. I kept running into this t-shirt brining “recipe” and I have several t-shirts that I like a lot but they are scratchy or just don’t feel as comfortable as I’d like them too.


< I found this and several similar things on Pinterest and I decided to give it a try. I choose three different T-shirts to try it out on.


< This one is thin but scratchy feeling.


< This one is a thick and stiff and feels uncomfortable.


< This one is about the right thickness and isn’t too scratchy but if it were softer it would be perfect.


< I put the more colorful of the two shirts in one pitcher and the other two orange colored shirt in one pitcher together.


< Then I stacked them, which helped to keep the orange shirts under water.

I used 1/2 a cup of salt dissolved into 1 quart of water for both pitchers and I left them in the brine for 3 whole days. I then squeezed them out gently and ashed them in warm water with other clothes and a normal amount of detergent. I dried them like I would any other load of laundry.

The result?

They were EXACTLY the same as they were before I brined them! A total waste of time, water and salt. I didn’t even bother to take “after” pictures, as there is absolutely no difference in the feel or look of any of the t-shirts I used.

So if you are looking for a way to “vintage” some t-shirts, this isn’t it!