Wood & Silverware

5 Year Anniversary

This month I celebrate my 5-year wedding anniversary. According to tradition, gifts should be wood themed or from the modern list, silverware themed. Who comes up with this stuff? Apparently it was Miss Manners and Emily Post! Well, thank you, ladies. Wooden and silverware items are not something either of us (my husband and I) were able to get our minds around when it came to gifts.

Neither of us could think of any wooden or silverware based gifts to give each other that we needed or wanted. We tried to be creative, but in the end we decided to skip the traditional and modern themes. I think when it comes to suggested anniversary gift themes we may need an even “moderner” theme for the twenty-first century… And maybe the 5-year could be the new car theme? We need one of those!

So, regardless of the gifts or traditions or themes, we have been married 5 years. Though we’ve been together for a lot longer, and known each other even long than that, 5 years married is definitely a milestone to celebrate.

Since we’ve lost weight this year (that’s another post!) our rings have become loose. Mine, in fact, fell off when I was waving my hand around telling a story. It fell into a place in our sofa that I will need to cut open to retrieve it, which I haven’t done. So for a few weeks now I’ve been running around wedding ringless… how shameless of me! But at least it gave me a good idea of what to get for our anniversary. Yup, I got us new rings.

They are comfort fit, surgical steel, and just the right size… Maybe they fall under the modern silverware theme? Maybe not, but either way, Happy Anniversary to my lovely husband of 5 years.