Mountain Drop Soda

Mountain Drop SodasMy favorite soda is that freaky neon green radioactive looking stuff. Of course the original is Mountain Dew, but there are so many copycats these days.

When I moved to the UK there was nothing like it available in regular stores and I  couldn’t bring myself to pay $5 a can via the importers so I weaned myself off the stuff.

Now that I am back in the US it is pretty much the only soda I drink on a regular basis. When I first moved I was drinking loads of it but I’ve slowed to a reasonable amount. I would like to drink more but I limit myself to one (or less) a day… so I probably drink about 5 a week. This is for health as well as economic reasons. Yeah, that crap is expensive and bad for you!

Over the last year and a half I’ve sampled as many copycats as I could find. Surprisingly the original is not my favorite. I still like the original but as much as I hate to admit it,  Walmart’s Mountain Lightning is the one I like best. Below are my notes, my review/notes are for can versions only.

In order of MY personal preference –

1. Mountain Lightning – produced by Walmart
I think it has just the right amount of sweetness, carbonation and citrus flavor.

2. Mountain Dew- produced by Pepsi
I find the citrus flavor a bit weak and it is very close to being too sweet.

3. Citrus Drop – produced by Kroger
Kind of like Mountain Dew and 7-Up mixed together.

4. Sun Drop – produced by Dr Pepper Snapple Group
I wouldn’t refuse to drink it if that is all there was but I would not buy it.

5. Mello Yellow- produced by Coca-Cola
I think this stuff is terrible, I’d rather drink nothing.

6. Mountain Rush – produced by Shasta
I think it might be made from cat piss. I’d rather die of thirst.