My Patio Garden in September


Tuesday the 23rd was the first day of Fall (Autumn) and I’ve still not got out and straightened out my little garden. I am only just now starting to feel better from the crappy illness that has been kicking my ass for the past 8 weeks!

So anyway… my patio looks like shit at the moment. The tree overhead grew huge and blocked off some of the sun and a few plants got upset and withered. It pissed down rain a few times, which was good because there have been gianormous wild fires smoking up the air and making everything living feel a bit crappy, including my plants. But the drowning of hard rain after so much super hot temperatures made a few of my plants waterlogged, then some &*%£)”@ baby pigeons nested behind the now growing out of control little tree (first picture) that was cut down last Spring. But at least my mint plant (second picture) is fighting its way back after a vicious slug and snail attack.


Overall it’s really not THAT bad, but I feel bad that I neglected it after being so excited to have it and putting so much work into it. Plus, the tree that grew so large overhead has now started to lose its leaves all over my patio and every time the gardeners come to maintenance the grounds blow crap all over and it too invades my garden and makes it look grubby. All I can do is sweep it up… which I have not done… yet.


I did get a nice large pepper that has ripened to perfection (first picture) and my cat ravaged ficus tree is really happy and coming back very healthy since I put it on the patio. Apparently it doesn’t know it’s the start of Fall and has loads of healthy new leaves.


So I WILL get my butt out there in the next few weeks and put away my toys till next year to save them from the rain. My police box bird feeder didn’t handle the last down pour so well and I want everything to be nice next Spring.